Trunki Interiors

It is for your dream Home

There is nothing more soothing or calming than adding earthy touches to your home. The natural color palette as well as the look and feel of natural materials keep the home rooted and brings us closer to nature. Earthy accessories are mostly moody and dreamy with a contemporary twist. It not only encompasses your emotions but also defines the outlook of your home space.

There are many unique collections that you can explore –like the botanical explorations, metals and metallic looks, glass and ceramics and many more. It’s surprising how ceramics add texture to interiors and brings alive distinctive memories. It’s also worth looking at earthy home interior accessories with unexpected size and patterns.

It acts as a conversation starter and unfolds stories you always wanted to talk about. Like how once who traveled to Portugal and found it on the streets of Lisbon. One conversation leads to another and you don’t know when the evening has passed. While selecting earthy accessories, try Muted hues, lots of indigo, ochre, grey, combined with natural materials such as wood, linen, and sisal. All these in combination with plants, ceramics and vintage pieces – that’s the earthy vibe that will lift all your senses.