Our Ranufacturing Unit

Home interior manufacture:

our main interior design ideas where we can access all our various room.

  • Kitchen designs: Much given to the modular kitchen.sings-both in ss and synthetic.chimnies, microwave, ovens, a dishwasher from some of the best companies.
  • Living room: The living room is the area withdraw to relax, watching tv, read a book, listen to music.there are multiple spaces in the within one space.these item include tv,sofas,armchair,side table.
  • Bedroom: furniture referred to as bed, wardrobes, nightstand, mirror.
  • Dining room: the dining room consists of a dining table and quantity of chairs. the table, a chair could be of a design shape, size, finish the compliment each other.
  • Office interior: office design project begins, consider our long-term goal.

Marilyn speaking about our office range, following are the features that make our systems work for you :
Flexible modular construction.
Easy assemblage – panel by panel
Metallic powder coated raceways for easy and safe handling of cables.
Flexible configuration to suit your floor plans.